Slaves of heaven


"I love the Octavia Butler vibe of Slaves of Heaven. The storyline is distinctly Naleighna Kai and uniquely original." -- Crystal Hubbard, National Bestselling Author

Sugarcoated deception


Cadence has every reason to doubt her husband when all evidence says he lied. Then she uncovers the depth at which a woman scorned will go to get revenge.

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No right way to do a wrong thing


Val’s biological clock is ticking, and her husband Kurt keeps hitting the snooze button. But when his pregnant mistress shows up on their doorstep, it sounds an alarm no one can ignore.

fire in the water


Fire in the Water-Smooth-talking playboy Musician, Sanjay Thomas' is forced to leave his country to protect the reputation of a new found love. Celeste Francois finds herself suddenly pregnant and now bitter. She's leaving her faith at the altar and seeks revenge on Sanjay. They both need to learn: God didn't need their help. He needed their obedience.

the heart of things


Though gun-shy, Khalila Skyers agrees to marry Douglas Blythe after a year-long, Jamaica-Miami romance. Her desire for a baby and his reluctance to travel that road again threaten to tear their relationship apart.

not that nice


Kelsee’s mother always told her to save herself first. She didn't tell her she may have to kill someone to do it.

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my time in the sUN


Kari's world nearly comes to an end the moment an enemy announces to the entire congregation: "The first lady is a former prostitute." Her husband, Pastor Tony Baltimore, knows nothing of her past or the fact that she once told the police seven words that helped free her from child sex trafficking: "I cut him until I felt better."



The more Summer and Devon fight their feelings for each other while they uncover the truth behind the mysterious situations that occurs, the more they are drawn together. Now with new developments that are not in his control, he must face Summer and risk breaking her heart again, while figuring out the secrets that his new wife is keeping.

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Eshe: The Fire Breathing Series, Book 1 - A soulless dragon is an enemy to all, and it's time for Eshe's dragon to come forth. Andwele's called to do the impossible, but can he awaken her dragon and live?



Discovering or igniting your dormant superpowers will allow you to live your best life, and this book is just the resource you need to achieve it. Enclosed are tools, strategies and experiences shared by author Tamara Paul that will enable you to discover the superhero within, allowing you to take a quantum leap in multiple areas of your life. 



One proposition. One Night. Once will never be enough for him. Graham came to D.C. for Shayla, he's not leaving without her.



Joi Sommers is a flawed woman, an angry daughter and an exceptional homicide detective. She and partner Russell Wilkerson track a string of grisly murders from the south suburbs to Chicago’s trendy north side as the investigation excavates darkly hidden appetites and imperils the duo of crime solvers.


It’s not easy being a male dancer in a world where women dominate. Ballet. Yeah, I’m a ballet dancer, but I prefer male professional dancer. Still, I am at the top of my profession. Choreographers clamor to create dance pieces for me, and women just clamor for me period. See, being straight in a female dominated profession has its perks. But even though I don’t hurt for companionship, I still get up in the middle of the night reaching for something, someone, who is not the person lying next to me. Because I always wake up feeling empty inside…until. She played for me.


Ruth Croome, a Blackamoor heiress, was supposed to get married in a gorgeous wedding gown, made from her father’s exquisite fabrics. Instead, they eloped to Gretna Green and upon returning, their carriage was beset by highwaymen and she witnessed the murder of her new husband. Now, four years later, with a child, she wants to move on with her life. A marriage of convenience will do. Ruth already had a love for the ages.

Adam Wilky is really the heir to the Wycliff barony—which he never told Ruth. Too much danger. So many secrets. When he was nearly beaten to death and sold into impressment he thought Ruth had died too. Ready for revenge, he finally returns and discovers Ruth alive—with a son who could only be his—and is furious to discover he lied to her. Now it’ll take more than remembered passion if he hopes to win his reluctant wife back... 

The Bewildered Bride, 4th in Advertisements for Love Series, Fall 2019 


 Deion and Adina are young and in love; their bond is unbreakable. That is until an opportunity arises for Adina that will boost her passion to sing into another
atmosphere, kissing her nine to five as a loan officer, goodbye. Deion is not pleased and what happens next will test the strength of the relationship to its breaking point.
Will they fight through it together or live life apart? Who is taking love for granted? 

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