Slaves of heaven


“I liked the Octavia Butler vibe of Slaves of Heaven. The storyline is distinctly Naleighna Kai and uniquely original.” – Crystal Hubbard, National Bestselling Author

“This book will bring Naleighna Kai a new following, but this is a good time for it because I believe readers want more, they want different, and are hungry for it. We are tired of the same old predictable stories. All Naleighna Kai books push the button, but this one pushes many and jumps right out the box. Feels like I’m reading a science fiction version of the bible. I can feel a little of Yoruba in this story, Christianity with a twist—mainly things from the Lost books of the bible. This one will bring a different audience. One that many African American authors aren't reaching today—outside of Tananarive Due, Octavia Butler, Brandon Massey, and Lynn Emery. Are readers ready for it? I believe, yes we are!”– Missy, Readers Paradise Book Club

My time in the sun


Kari's world nearly comes to an end the moment an enemy announces to the entire congregation: "The first lady is a former prostitute." Her husband, Pastor Tony Baltimore, knows nothing of her past or the fact that she once told the police seven words that helped free her from child sex trafficking: "I cut him until I felt better."

Tony Baltimore’s plans for the saints to “take the church to the streets” is met with staunch opposition by the board, deacons, and members who believe that staying on the “safe side” of Chicago’s police brutality and gang problems suits them just fine. When Terrence uses strong family ties to the church to publicly disgrace Kari, as a sure-fire way to take over, a media firestorm ensues and heated membership split soon follows. Tony makes strategic moves to protect his wife from anyone and everyone coming against her—including members who are so “heavenly” minded that they’re no earthy good. When the smoke clears, no one will ever be the same.

Loving me for me


Will they survive her tragic past, his traditional family, and those who would rather see them dead than in love? Though Devesh’s culture and status along with a secret Reign planned to take to her grave has kept them apart for nearly five years; a chance meeting brings them face-to-face once again. This time, Devesh, a wealthy Californian bachelor, is determined to be with Reign despite his family’s wishes. The couple has more at stake, forcing them to confront their deepest fears, overcome unforeseen obstacles, and challenge the media as well as enemies who are closer to home. 

Open Door Marriage


NBA Basketball star, Dallas Avery, proposes to Alicia, the love of his life, and she disappears then reappears three years later when he's just about to marry someone he finds out is ... her niece. His fiancee, Tori, doesn't want to lose that "baller" money and puts an offer on the table she thinks they both can't refuse.

Dallas will get a family, something her much older aunt, Alicia can’t give him. Tori will get the lifestyle she clamors. And Alicia will get the love she’s longed for all her life. Everyone will get a little of what they want. . . and maybe a whole lot of what they don’t.

The details of the trio’s love life play out in the tabloids and on talk shows, making Dallas the center of an NBA scandal. And eventually, the doors slam shut on this open marriage and Dallas is forced to make a choice to end the chaos.

the pleasure's all mine


Raven Armand's son and agent are hell-bent on finding the perfect man for her-even if she kills them. The two unlikely matchmakers' brilliant plan is to pair her up with Pierce Randall, a music industry mogul and the only man who's ever piqued her interest. Just when it looks as if their plan is working, Raven risks everything for a one-night rendezvous at the Castle to discover where her fantasies will take her. Unfortunately, it could turn out to be the costliest experience of her life.

Meanwhile, Pierce has his hands full putting out fires as fast as his shady business partner starts them. He hasn't been looking for love, but it finds him packaged in a voluptuous and fiery woman unlike any he's ever known. It doesn't bother him that Raven was tricked into meeting him, but when she lays down her relationship rules, then disappears on a mysterious trip she won't explain, Pierce realizes Ms. Right might be all wrong. 

rich woman's fetish


Gina Wright escapes a hellacious life by doing the unthinkable—selling the use of her womb to the highest bidder among rich, childless couples from more affluent areas of Chicago. She even accommodates their “special” requests ranging from participating in forbidden fetishes to more complicated liaisons. Gina uses them to amass a fortune, then sets out to fulfill her own dream, one that is shattered in an instant when a freakish accident steals a gift she has always taken for granted.

Years later, Gina learns that one of her surrogate daughters has been forced into the illicit world of drugs and prostitution. When the police and FBI turn a blind eye, Gina risks the anger of her former sponsors and lovers to have their children search for the younger sister they know nothing about. One daughter turns to a criminal mastermind to help locate the teen; another puts her career in jeopardy when she seeks justice in her own deadly way. The search puts a dangerous spin on their already chaotic lives as the women learn more about trust and love and how to depend on each other to do the impossible.

Sugar ain't so sweet only .99 cents


Shanna is a wife who's fed up with everything and everyone. She overhears a conversation that forces her to walk out on her husband, seven children, and a successful career to find a sense of peace that has eluded her for years. She thought fate had been kind in giving her a husband who adored her. But she soon discovered fate had pulled a fast one, as her husband’s nearly impossible demands and those from his unrelenting family have pushed her to an edge where there might be no return. 

Zach has screwed up—royally. With his family following his lead in not appreciating Shannan, his wife shows him that since he can’t respect her presence, she’ll introduce him to her absence. Determined to win back the woman who is his anchor, first, he must find a way to deal with his overbearing family and disrespectful children that doesn’t cause him to lose more than he gains. While fighting to win back his wife, he’s forced to face some hard truths and family secrets that might mean he’ll lose Shannan forever.

stop in the name of love only .99 cents


Elise Payne’s life had been shredded to bits when her wealthy ex-husband takes everything and leaves her with heartbreak and an empty bank account. After a tragic family event, the walls are closing in and she has one chance to turn things. Unfortunately, that opportunity nearly slips through her fingers when she’s pulled over for speeding. Having hit rock bottom has left her a little jaded about life, but this handsome stranger might have more in store for her than a simple warning. 

Roman Montgomery is smitten by the mix of “Ms. Speedy’s” strength, quick wit, and vulnerability. When he returns to the station, he can’t get the gorgeous woman out of his mind. Though it’s against the police force’s policy, he’s ready to break the rules to see her one more time.

An unexpected encounter becomes something neither one of them will ever forget. But there’s a reason Elise has sworn off love, and when her ex lands on her doorstep again, he’s certain to make the kind of waves that might make Roman run for cover.

southern comfort only .99 cents


National bestselling author, Naleighna Kai, brings another unconventional story about finding a deeper love in the most unlikely places. The moment Joy’s estranged mother shows up on her doorstep and drops off a mysterious child, she’s forced to put her first year in college on hold. Two years later, she totally abandons her dream of becoming a civil engineer altogether, when her mother reappears with yet another child from her drug-addicted sister. Twice is enough, and the third time isn’t a charm as Joy’s outright refusal makes her an outcast from her crime-riddled family. With so much responsibility at a young age, she’s never allowed herself to dream of having an intimate relationship. Until a chance meeting ten years later at the most unlikely of places.

Ali serves as the bridge that brings his father back into the family fold, by marrying the woman they choose for him. Now, the last child is off to college and his multi-million dollar businesses are thriving, his wife reunites with the man she abandoned to fulfill her family’s wishes, freeing Ali to embark on a journey to find the love he deserves. When he lays eyes on Joy, one word comes to mind—lost. Until that moment, he didn’t realize he has a “savior complex”, but something about the elusive woman pulls at Ali’s heartstrings and makes him take a risk.

Joy and Ali are forced to navigate the murky waters of obligation, karma, and other more deadly challenges to find their way to love.

Was it good for you too


Tailan and Delvin complicated their lives by bringing another woman into the relationship to bear his children. Once the surrogate was two months along, she turned the tables by issuing a heartbreaking ultimatum. When threatened with losing the family he’d always wanted, Delvin felt he had no choice but to marry the surrogate and send his high school sweetheart packing, even though he loved her more than life itself.

Now seven years later on a Midwest book tour, fate has given Delvin four days to right old wrongs, and he’ll use everything in his power to win Tailan back. Unfortunately, Tailan is harboring a secret that she’s kept not only from him but from the entire world. Delvin's determination to have her will give him two choices—either share Tailan with another man or walk away from the strongest love he’s ever known.

She touched my soul


Michael “Magic” Arrington’s sudden fame and startling climb up the music charts skyrocketed him into the world of Hollywood glitz and glamour. While all was exciting and wonderful at the beginning, the shady undertakings of the music business caused his life to take a downward spiral, ultimately separating him from his family and his hold on reality. Then he met Maya.

Maya Gervais has completely distanced herself from her past, even going as far as changing her identity to protect her from the one man who wants her dead. She is a civic-minded lawyer who champions for clients who are victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. So trusting someone enough to fall in love was never a consideration, especially since it could cost her much more than she was willing to give.

After the two have a chance meeting at a concert, a daring escape leads to an exploration of pain and pleasure that sets them both on the path to healing and an into an unlikely romance. However, the path to blissful happiness is never an easy one, as they both have their own demons to confront, including Michael’s jealous manager and Maya’s reluctance to deal with things she would rather forget.

every woman needs a wife


Bursting with originality and controversy, author Naleighna Kai has created a provocative, and at times heartwarming tale about an age-old problem that will strike a chord with all women.

Every Woman Needs a Wife is the hilarious, but thought-provoking story of a wife who does the "unthinkable." Strolling in on Vernon and his mistress one night, Brandi Spencer insists that the new woman in his life come home and earn her keep the honest way -- on her feet helping the wife clean the house, keep the children and pay the bills, instead of laying on her back servicing the husband.

Tanya Kaufman has had one shock too many -- one minute she's a fiancée, the next she finds out she's been the mistress all along. When Tanya shows up during the surprise anniversary party to take Brandi up on her offer, the women seize the opportunity to teach Vernon that infidelity will no longer come at the expense of the women's time, money, and happiness. Vernon fights back by launching a high-profile court battle that doesn't have a thing to do with splitting the money, keeping the house, or visitation rights.

Had any married couple ever fought for custody of...the mistress?

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